This report shows which keywords users were searching for before they were referred to your website.

By clicking on a row in the table, you can see the distribution of search engines that were queried for the keyword.

Note: This report lists most keywords as not defined, because most search engines do not send the exact keyword used on the search engine.

Report generated 0s ago
If a visitor comes to your website for the first time or if they visit a page more than 30 minutes after their last page view, this will be recorded as a new visit.
Keyword not defined  95.2%840
preparato per cioccolata calda sfuso  0.9%8
vales snc  0.7%6
vales saluzzo  0.5%4
torte salate cuneo  0.3%3
amazon  0.2%2
vales snc saluzzo  0.2%2
biscotti vienesi riso e noci  0.1%1
cioccolata calda cuneo  0.1%1
frollini con olio evo  0.1%1
laboratorio artigianale dolci cepagatti  0.1%1
laboratorio artigianale pasticceria  0.1%1
laboratorio pastic ceria vales  0.1%1
laboratorio pasticceria vales saluzzo cn  0.1%1
laboratorio vales saluzzo  0.1%1
pasticceria saluzzo sales  0.1%1
pasticceria tesio saluzzo  0.1%1
pasticceria vales saluzzo  0.1%1
prodizione pasticceria alimentari email daluzzo  0.1%1
sable cacao e farina di grano saraceno  0.1%1
torta di mele allergeni  0.1%1
torta di mele di sant'orfeo  0.1%1
valei saluzzo dolce salato  0.1%1
vales de laboratoriales  0.1%1